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  • Steven A. Shakir

A Formula for Correcting Human Life 2:125

Allah started, determined, and established the cubic structure as a place of refuge for men to return to from all directions. It is a place of reward for man, of serenity, and of protection from oppression, injustice, and fighting. Outside of it, man encounters fighting, but inside man can bring no commotion.

Oh, mankind, it is the stone that Abraham stood upon during the building of the House. It is a place of prayer following after him, a return to worship, while circling around the cubic structure performing recitation. Take for yourself in the Sacred House a place where Abraham prayed near the building of the cubic structure, a place where one stands for prayer.

This cubic structure called the House is a sign to connect humanity back to its natural design for human life, and how things are connected, in order to work properly so that human beings can have the best life possible. This House is visited by people from all over the world, and when we return there, how are we supposed to see each other? We are not to see each other as a race, a tribe, a nationality, a rich man, or a poor man, but we are supposed to see each other as a human being belonging to one human family.

What is lost in the world is that we do not recognize the value of the common person. Allah made the human being in the best of molds and with noble dignity. We have to recognize and see the value of that in the common person to bring about the unity of humanity. In most lands, the common person is treated less than an animal by leaders that are evil, greedy, and oppressive.

In this sign of the place where Abraham prayed, he did not actually pray two raka’at the way Muslims pray now established by Prophet Mohammed, but his prayer represents the first two raka’at in the Friday Jumu’ah khutbah. The first two raka’at are represented in the khutbah, the educational talk, which is followed by two raka’at of prayer.

Therefore, Abraham's prayer stands for human moral excellence, for education, for uplifting the ignorant masses and for the liberation of all the people of the world. That is what the Friday Jumu’ah prayer khutbah is supposed to do -- to educate and increase moral consciousness.

If humanity would return to moral excellence and the education of the ignorant masses, then mankind would have the stone that Abraham stood upon while building the House to construct their life. Nature is the call for us to have discipline and growth and nothing produces growth more than knowledge. The prayer of the righteous is “Our Lord, increase us in knowledge”.


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