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The Mercy 6:12

Say to the rejectors of faith that the stars, universe, and the celestial world belongs to Allah. He has obligated himself without limits of forgiveness and graciousness, which is from the closeness, nearness, and nature of the woman’s womb, which is His Mercy. It includes the application of equalization, compassion, and affection of His Wisdom on the Day of Resurrection for His people, of which there is no uncertainty of trust for a requital of their deeds.

There is no advantage to distrusting Him. They will perish if they have lost their trust or they will profit from it by submission to Him. Those who have lost their souls will not trust nor will they believe.

He embraces everything in Wisdom and Mercy. If there is no wisdom, there is no balance. If there are all wisdom and no mercy, there is no balance. All justice and no mercy will invite cruelty. All mercy and no wisdom will invite a sick and cruel permissiveness.

The womb is the painful producer of all the creation. It is to be treated with respect, equalization, compassion, and affection with which Allah created, that belongs to Him and is His Attribute. This behavioral attribute Allah applies to His Wisdom when evaluating people on the Day of Resurrection. However, the egocentric male society is that the woman, that means womb, is to serve him without consideration of equality.


Women work in this society and produce the same level of work and labor as does the male, but the male receives higher pay. So, if that woman, unfortunately, is left with raising her family as a single parent, she must work two jobs or more to maintain a decent life for her children. Sometimes they receive public assistance (welfare), which is not “well” or “fair” and demeans the progress in her independence. When it was established in 1935, it did not address the things that pull families out of poverty and often incentivized precisely the opposite.

In 1996 the Welfare Reform Act addressed these matters and enabled programs for families to remove barriers and participate in a wide range of activities that would prepare individuals to achieve economically self-sufficiency, but still without equal pay in labor that is causing the same despair in their economic status.

This behavior of neglect is not considered excellent nor is it compassionate as prescribed by G-d. Compassion implies having sympathy or coming to the aid of something in need of mercy.


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