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The Male Is In the Man and Woman 3:36

When she (the wife of Imran) gave birth to her (Mary) she said, My lord! Surely I have bought forth a female. And Allah is most in knowledge of what she bought forth and the male is not like the female.

When we are birthed into the world we are identified as either male or female based upon our sex organs. The definition and characteristics associated with these identities are not taken into consideration at that time.

In Scripture, the term male is used to identify the individual who analyzes the construct or form of things in order to become influential in the society. This person has a special designation as the leader and can be found in both men and women. Anyone on the receiving end of this is in the disposition of the conceptual idea of the female.

Both of these dispositions are relational. While a person may lead in one area they may not lead in another. They switch between male and female dispositions continuously based on circumstance.

These conceptual ideas are not to be confused with the sex organs. Like all material creation, the human body, including its sex organs are to adhere to and respect the laws and sciences created by G-d, that govern them.

In today’s society, there has been no reassessment of these ideas and the misinterpretation of these concepts has led to misogyny, feminism, religious oppression, homosexuality, divorce and many other things.

Though we have the ability to birth and claim the physical sex of a person, Allah knows best who is dominant in the conceptual virtues of the male and female. While the wife of Imran yearned for a progeny of leadership (male) she did not see that her request was honored in the form of Mary.


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