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  • Patricia Ni’ma-Mohammed

Her weakness Is Her Uniqueness 3:36

She birthed a female and Allah knows most in terms of knowledge. The male is not like the female. I have named her Maryam and will fortify her.

We know that the Creator is a G-d of the spiritual and G-d of the material. When we read in scripture “The thinking men and the thinking female” or “He created you from one single soul,” or “I have named them Adam (the nature that both male/female possess,) we should see a picture of the spiritual body. Not a flesh male or female body. When G-d says “he breathed into mankind something of his spirit,” in the feminine principle, the spirit has to do with movement. An example could be the misunderstood concept that the Bible speaks of as woman being made from the rib of man.

On the contrary, the female principle of movement works as the spirit behind the rib. G-d says, “we shall expand your breast.” Therefore, the principle of movement supports the breathing of ‘in and out.’ In from G-d and out to the world. This concept relates to the phrase, ‘every breath I take (feminine principle), every step I take (masculine principle.’)

Materially, we know that the female carries life in her womb and nurtures the mind, once the life is brought forth. When the mind is mature enough, (if it is a male child,) the female sends him out into the environment to the natural way of life. Here, he becomes a hunter and gatherer where he thinks and reflects on his environment. He ultimately becomes a productive leader in the social order.

Lastly, the female’s uniqueness is that she is a helpmate to help man meet his obligation to perform at his best in society.


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