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Safeguarding Marriage 4:128

Regarding the discord that often arises between husband and wife, G-d addresses the woman who may be so afraid that she anticipates deception or alienation and even abandonment by her mate. He advises both that it is a virtuous deed if they settle upon terms of mutual agreement. G-d further reminds us that the removal of hardships is always best for the parties involved.

One of the most serious conflicts that arise in marriages is the issue of infidelity. Once that door of suspicion and distrust is opened, it becomes the most difficult to close. Prevention is the sacred rule, however, when marital relations are degraded to such a degree that the husband abandons the bed of his wife, notions of another woman are certain to surface.

The voice of jealousy will suggest that the reason for emotional distance is due to the desire for someone more attractive thus making the possibility of reconciliation even more difficult. Reconciliation requires a sincere and conscious effort on both parties involved. If there has been neglect of the financial obligations by the husband, then that also contributes to a decline and weakening of the marriage bond.

G-d hates divorce and when we begin to realize the devastating effects on family and community we can understand why. Divorce rates in America, especially in the African American community, is a sign of severe social instability. Our divorce rates which exceed 67%, reflect a conscious attempt to destroy the family as a vital institution.

A known cultural influence attributed to the high rate is a shift from family values to individualism. The family unit which once provided us with a sense of moral authority has now been supplanted with the suggestions of Satan. Satan targets the youth in society for cultural as well as commercial exploitation.


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