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Reconciliation 4:128

And if a woman was scared and she expected from her husband roughness, remoteness, and turning away, there is no sin on them if they remove the aversion between them and removal of discord is better.

In this verse, the wife fears her husband's arrogance upon on her as well as the abandonment of their bed and the curtailment in her support. She also fears that he will see someone more beautiful than she is and be attracted to her. She thinks that these things could lead to him deserting her.

The man has been given some superiority over his wife and as a result of this he is her guardian and caretaker. However, in today's society there are women whose income and property are equal to or surpass their husband's.

Whenever there is discord in a marriage it is better to reconcile. The wife needs assurance that there is not going to be a separation by her husband and a rising or leaving from his abode and desertion. Reconciliation is natural in human makeup.

In family reconciliation, honesty and sincerity are important, Muhammad the Prophet is reported to have said that the believer should seek to perfect whatever he does. We should seek excellence in everything we do. We should seek excellence and respect in how we treat each other in our families, husband respects wife, wife respects husband, children respect parents, parents respect children, and all respect Allah.

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