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  • Rosemary Sharifah Sierras

Mercy For All The Worlds 6:12

Say: To whom belongs what is in the celestial universe and the earth. Say: to G-d. He (G-d) has imposed on Himself forgiveness and has named Himself Mercy. There is no question about the day He will call mankind from their graves. Those who were insincere and destroyed their souls will not have submitted.

One of the meanings of the Qur’anic Arabic word for mercy is womb. The womb is where life develops and is nurtured, and the woman is the womb. The nature of the womb is mercy. The mercy of the womb lets the baby forget the trauma of its birth; and the pain of childbirth is eased from the memory of the mother. The life is extracted from the womb in order to serve and worship G-d.

The international community, called the Ummah in Arabic, is derived from the word um, which means mother, and is a mercy.

The Prophet Muhammed's life is a mercy. G-d says in the Qur'an that Muhammed was not sent to be other than a mercy to all the worlds. Muhammed was not sent just for the Arabs, or for one continent, or one people. He was sent for all people. And Prophet Muhammad said, whoever is not kind to the weak, is not of us.

If our Prophet is a mercy to all the worlds, then we must care about all the worlds and extend that mercy to all the worlds. We must be one human family as we were in the beginning. G-d says that He created one soul, and made it male and female. Our original parents are the parents of all people, of all nations, of all races.

G-d says in the Qur’an, “This day have I perfected for you your religion, completed my favor on you, and chosen Al-Islam as your religion.” G-d showed mankind His mercy through Prophet Muhammad, the Qur’an, and the way of life, Al-Islam, which all answer mankind’s prayers for guidance, forgiveness, understanding, and anything else the human heart, mind, and soul could yearn for.

We have in our Prophet the best example of strength through kindness; humility through service; and mercy through compassion. The womb is also an example of strength, selflessness, and mercy.


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