• Malik Waliyyuddin

Mercy 6:12

Allah instructs us to tell the unbelievers to ask them a question, to whom belongs what is in the heavens and the earth? He gives us the answer to say that He created them with Mercy and he named Himself the Merciful. This attribute has so much meaning and He shows us his forgiveness when He assembles us on the day of judgment. Mercy will be given to the believers and not to the rejecters of faith who lost their souls in this world that we live in today because they were not believers


Another great example of His mercy is the creation of the woman. She possesses an abundance of compassion, love and sensitivity. They are acquired from her ability to produce life in her womb. The growth and development of the seed placed there by the male is a phenomena that men can never fully understand or appreciate. There is a bonding and closeness that takes place between the mother and the child during the process of pregnancy. The discomfort she endures, the struggles and pain experienced during that time produces a relationship that also signifies grace, mercy, and compassion. While grace implies the giving of benefits, compassion implies having sympathy or coming to the aid of something that needs aid. Life begins in the wombs of the female. In the creation of life, the Divine extends compassion and mercy so that Its beings won't suffer. This compassion and mercy is extended before the human being even recognizes that there is a need for someone to aid it.

When Maryum gave birth to Jesus she stated that had she known of the pains and struggles with pregnancy and childbirth, death would be her preference. After this hardship comes ease, love and closeness. This all begins in the womb where human beings are assembled. So do not abort the gift He has provided us. Children are a gift and test for the parents.

This is why it is so important that the womb (woman) is protected and supported. It is our first home. When it is properly cared for and the necessary provisions are given to the woman, better people are produced. Mothers are our first teachers. A good and caring one is so important in the establishment of a wholesome family and community. Males should be careful where they place their seeds. They must do all that they can to support and provide for the womb (home). Science has proven that adverse childhood experiences affect people throughout their lives. They cause health problems, high risk behaviors and shortened life spans. Give the woman a stable home environment to help her raise them as best as she is able. Men must sacrifice for the family as she has sacrificed for them. Allah knows all of what we do.


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