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Put The Bird In The Mountain 2:260

Take four from that which travels through the atmosphere with the intention of inclining them to you. Then put them in the reality of that which has been gathered together and has become elevated. When you call them, they will respond with haste. There are four forces that allow successful flight to take place: lift, weight, thrust and drag. These motions of up, down, back and forth are also necessary in order to swim. Metaphorically, these four movements describe how we move through our Intellectual and emotional lives; what lifts us up or inspires us, brings us down or causes us to settle, moves us forward or closer to our goal and what causes us to resist or slow down. This metaphor is given to us in the similitude of a bird. If the intention is to incline someone to you, it is likely that you would examine these areas to determine their strengths and weaknesses in an attempt to fix or improve upon them. When a bird places himself in an establishment such as a treetop or mountain, it allows him to look around and see the whole picture, therefore making them the authority over their actions. Every landing or goal is able to be predetermined and calculated. When you are able to first identify a person's issues and then put them in a situation where they can see from the vantage point of what has already been established and elevated, then like the bird they can become an authority over their own lives. An example of this is evident in that G-d puts us in the environment of what has accumulated and elevated (the mountain) every time we read scripture. This intervenes in our journey in all areas that allow us to travel through life by placing us directly in the environment of what has already been authorized and established. When we reach our destination, we say, “the promise of Allah was indeed true” and will turn to him as quickly as our mind can have a thought.


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