• Terrence S. Furqan

Take Four from the Bird 2:260

Allah said, “Take four from the bird, then cause them to incline to you and become close to you, then send out a piece of it upon every mountain.”

The human soul is like a bird, it can take wings and soar in the atmosphere of community life. But sometimes the winds of emotions which comes from injustices like racism, police brutality, social and economic inequalities, disrupts that atmosphere. And if the community leaders have not prepared, it becomes difficult for them to navigate with the wings of rational thinking and then they respond with the wings of emotional thinking.

For the community to protect itself, it should take four from the bird. It should look to the young souls who are aware that they are the creation of G-d, who are mentally balanced, who have demonstrated to have potential in various areas of interest and is seeking guidance to better themselves. In other words, it should look for the best among its youth.

The community should recognize the interest of those youth and support those interest that are permissible and good. It should teach them to have a strong sense of community life and a love of self. It should also educate them in spiritual skills and discipline, so that, that education will serve as a guide directing them to higher truths. And then send them to the mountains, the various institutions that will develop their area of interest, whether it is government, economics, education, or culture.

Once they have settled on the mountains and have obtained a degree of understanding, the community should call them back. So, when the winds of emotions blow, the community will have leaders that will spread out their wings and move the community forward. These leaders will know and have the experience to apply the higher spiritual truths, disciplines and rational thinking to those situations that come to disturb and hinder the progress of community life.

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