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G-d's Guidance For The Use Of His Creation 2:36

Iblis pushed them both away from happiness. And We said: Go down (to some of the children being those who harbor the hatred to the other and want evil by it) and there is for you in the earth a dwelling place and what you enjoy from what he planted for a period of time passing appointed times. In whatever environment G-d puts human beings in, He also provides them with guidance for how to live successfully in that environment, i.e., how to use what is in the environment safely while avoiding the potential harm from the misuse of those things. Adam was told to not go near the tree in the garden. But while the tree was created with a purpose and benefit, to go near the tree would be to misuse it and therefore fall out of the garden. Similarly, we are to continually seek guidance from G-d to ensure that we see and benefit from the things in each of our respective environments while avoiding the potential harm from the misuse of those things.


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