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  • Jannah Abdul Qadir

Adam Was Misled 2:36

Shaitan caused them to fall down into sin, and they were exposed and became visible from the state in which they were in. And we said go down, a number of you, reduced until you exceed your number.

He who harbored hatred to another, and desired evil by it, there shall be for you a location, the resting place of favors in what you love. And there is for you, in the earth a time span, without a termination in efforts, or recovery or abundance.

When we begin to regard and interpret someone’s words or ideas of what we should do or not do, it can cause us to lose our right way of thinking. We believe in what they say, and when we believe in what they say, and follow them, it causes us to lose our innocence. So now here we are, of a totally different mindset, and so are our children.


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