• Sameehah Al-Amin

Acts and Fate 17:13

And for every man, we have placed a portion of the good and the bad upon his neck, and on the Day of Awakening mankind from his grave, we will expose and manifest to him a record of his acts which will be wide open.

When we were babies we held on tightly to our Mothers, as we grew we began to engage and interact with others in society. We received all kinds of information whether it was true or false. Consequently, it had an effect and affect on how we think, how we feel and how we act.

The majority of problems in our lives are of our own making. Like Mother, she accepted her fate and raised her children by herself. She never lost her spirit to work with what she had and she never expressed anger. Whether problems in our lives are of our own making or not, we need to look to ourselves and be responsible for what we have sent out. During difficult times especially like we see today with the pandemic, people become selfish and go to extremes in their buying of household supplies.Extremes lead to obsessions and we are cautioned by the Most High to stay away from the extremes, for man's fate is most often tied to his obsessions. So, whatever the intent of our actions and our speech, that we have sent out, will come back to us and that will be the reason for our misfortune or fortune.


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