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Acts and Fate 17:13

And We have made every soul's actions, good or bad, fastened as a slave to the responsibility that rests on its own shoulders. And on the day of raising mankind from the grave, We shall make their deeds evident from the beginning to the end of time.

When we begin to examine the function, aim or purpose of all things in creation, we find that everything has a positive or negative affect - good or bad results.

Now we find the role of the mother in the family may be greater in faith and love than the father. But both are striving for the good of community life. It is said that not a being on earth nor a thing that flies on its wings does but form communities like you and all will be gathered to their Creator in the end.

So we are to have faith and seek G-d's mercy and forgiveness to strive to have a better life and progress as He intended for us to do, as every man's actions will be judged by his intentions, good or bad.

In times of old, man used the birds as a means of communication, such as carrier pigeons. Then came the Pony Express, next the telegraph machine, then the telephone and the Internet. But the most effective and quickest way is to listen to Truth


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