• Walter Shaahid

Truth, The Absolute Reality 61:9

It is He who has raised by the command of religion, his Messenger with the Divine Guidance the law of Truth and Reality Al Islam. It is high above and the last of Religion even though those who associate partners with G'd detest it.

In the Quran one of G'ds names is The Reality. We cannot find the absolute reality without acknowledging G'd. It is G'd that brings forth the exalted point of view and the ultimate reality despite our personal preferences, opinions or biases. He is The Reality and he produces as he pleases the sun and the moonlight.

Satan says, " When the matter is decided: It was G'd who gave you a promise of reality: I too promised, but I failed in my promise to you.

The Creator has sent this Reality as divine guidance to his messenger as law to human beings who are receptive to it even though those who deny or dispute its authenticity detest it. And G'd speaks the Truth!


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