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  • Abdul-Lateef Sabir

Al-Islam is the Clear Religion

It is He who commissioned his messenger with the command and guidance and the religion of reality to make it clear above all other beliefs, although those who associate others with Allah detest it.

One of the things I like about the Muslim American Logic Institute, is that not only do we learn to read the Qur’an with comprehension in its original language, but as students, we also look at other Islamic sources to broaden our perception on how others form their opinions of the Qur’an. An example of this is in the reflection above with the English translated word “clear.” Other sources chose “raise” to express the Arabic term used in this verse. However, after investigation, the Arabic term gives a meaning in the direction of being “clear” and not “rising” above something. Following this understanding with logic, it makes more sense that Allah would make Al-Islam clearer and not raise it above other religions. If we think about it, it was Allah that revealed all religions and he also commanded us not to make distinctions.

Truth and logic go hand-in-hand. Where truth is lacking or does not exist, the logic is broken. G-d created everything and everything demands wisdom. The existence of a thing is truth. Hence, it’s true that Allah created the sun, the moon, the intellect, the soul, but what is the logic or wisdom behind every created thing. To get the best use out of any created thing, including our own self, we must understand the logic behind that thing.

As Muslims, we are obligated to firmly believe in death, the resurrection, rewards and consequences, and the fire and paradise. This obligation extends to our every day pursuits in life. Old ideas may come to life. As we work on these ideas, we may see the rewards from our efforts. But if we misuse it, we will suffer the consequences. Depending on the degree to which we hold to the truth and logic of that manifested idea, we will gain a paradise of success, or a hell of failing miserably.


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