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  • Abdul-Aziz Uqdah and E.Nadiyah Uqdah

Unlawful Acts of Fornication and Adultery 17:32

Do not enter activities with women other than with lawful intent. Indeed this unlawful action is hideous and a derogation.

G-d has made everyone pure and chaste from his or her beginning in life. Human beings should never exceed the limitations set by G’d concerning the opposite gender. When dealing with other than spouses, the relationships should be platonic.

There is a lot to be said if one’s intentions towards others are not pure. When this happens, one will find someone’s thinking has gone awry and licentiousness has entered the mind; which will render that person an adulterer or a fornicator, simply because of where the mind has gone. Usually, it is in search of something forbidden, even if they do not commit the act physically but only mentally.

That kind of person could be a beggar or a pillar in the community. Yet he or she may never question their conduct or if their hedonism is affecting others. This type of behavior can not only destroy a family, but it could also destroy civilization. Especially if people uphold the rebel against decency on the pretense that somehow it is all right because most in society are doing the same these days.

Those types of individuals need to get in touch with how they feel about the laws of G-d. Because everyone is responsible for what he or she thinks and does. There is no escaping the laws G-d has given one to evolve good character. There is no straddling the fence with the best guidance G-d has provided for humanity, which states to pray and guard oneself against unclean ideas altogether.


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