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Fornication/Adultery 17:32

And do not come near a woman without observing the lawful intention. And surely it's a shameful act and a dispraised instrumental method.

G-d has commanded and forbidden man from the beginning to observe the lawful upright intention when coming into contact with a woman. Looking at society fornication and adultery is made to look appealing, but it is shameful and a dispraised act of indecency.

The act of a man having sexual intercourse with a woman different from his lawful wife is forbidden. All the humor, wit with charismatic and boisterous speech and action are instrumental methods used by a disbeliever to shamefully come near a woman. G-d command justice and admonish man to have respect for the woman.

Give all women the respect that you would want your mother, daughter, sister, or aunt to have. A conscious person should not allow anyone to put them in a situation that could tempt a shameful act and a dispraised instrumental method.


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