• Ameen Hasan Abdullah

Intoxicants 5:91

The Bad Grape

It is certainly not uncommon for Satan and those focused only on lower based urges. To promote an intense dislike enmity and hatred between all of you. By means of a squeezed out fermented grape juice of wine. Also intoxicants gambling fortune-telling and other things. Resist and restrain yourselves by summoning G-D in your heart. Consider legitimate devotional service and terminate paying attention to exaggerated schemes of the prohibitive.

The Creator admonishes mankind not to place any entity or deity before Him. That said, a perspective observation is that society has an imbalanced inclination to the trinkets of fun and good times. These propensities result in consequential outcomes. Further this writer argues, that any stimulus whether a person, substance, gaming activity, or ideology. That is substituted for Creator becomes a brand of drunkenness itself. The Western world and other developed Nations are living in marvelous technological, medical and scientific times. This writer inserts hope that these marvels will eventually be shared with developing Nations. Whether a nation is powerful or a developing one. A subjective solution is to have a good balanced, sober, therapeutic practice that inculcates devotional services routinely.


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