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Intoxicants 5:91

One of Satan’s Tools

The Satan loves to cause hatred, chaos, confusion and abhorrence in our society by the use of intoxicants, some of which are made from grapes, plants and other things. These substances may be beneficial yet; they are more harmful than they are beneficial. The substances can interfere, block and obstruct man from summoning the Creator with sincere reflection, and legitimate worship.

In our neighborhoods, in communities and in the society, we can see the benefits and harm of intoxicants. These substances are used in surgery for numbing the senses and relieving pain which allows our bodies comfort and healing.

On the other hand, and more often we see the harmful, detrimental results of intoxicants by it being abused. People become addicted to intoxicants, and may steal, or rob, from family members, neighbors and neighborhood businesses to support their addiction. The addicted person may exhibit harmful, abusive behavior which can break up families and separate children from parents. This separation can cause resentment and hatred in the family which has long term negative effects.

Intoxicants prevents people from being responsible, productive members of the neighborhood, community and society because many cannot keep a job or may lose jobs as a result of intoxication. Under the influence of intoxicants, it prevents people from establishing ourselves and not being able to distinguish between right and wrong since their minds are so befogged and unclear. This behavior keeps our families, neighborhoods and communities under the influence of confusion and chaos which is Satan's tool.

The Creator wants what is best for us so, we are not to take anything that will take our senses away and stop us from success by contemplation, glorification and worship of Him.


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