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Intoxicants 5:91

Getting High

The perverse rebellious spirit that suggests evil only desires to happen between the people loathing and extreme violence, through substances which inebriate and games of chance; that divert you from respectfully addressing Allah from the heart. And it diverts you from the formal legitimate devotional worship. This starts with the magnification of Allah, and concludes with the heart's submission. Considering this, why don't you prohibit the doing of these inward motivations?

Consumption and partaking of all forms of mind retarding substances such as liquor, alcohol, drugs, etc., as well as living a game of chance, sacrifices the humanity of people at the altar of self-destruction.

Parents sometimes sacrifice precious family time, healthy communication, and expressions of love due to dependency on intoxicants and gambling. Intoxicants cover the mature thinking and conceal reasoning. Gambling retards the spirituality and decreases wealth.

If the individual doesn't desist from the vices, his human life will certainly be destroyed.


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