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The Hemp Of G-d 3:103

And tie yourself to that which is extended and consolidated with firmness and is accessible to all humanity. For the purpose of the Quran is that you follow it's reglious laws and rules and don't be unsupportive of one another.And summon the people to what is obligatory and gratifying to the best way of life.

You were constantly competing with the people to do harm and He gathered your hearts for love. And you became brethren in this wonderful way of life. You were on the edge of the earth like the fire of the hereafter and He saved you from it.

This strong rope of G-d is the divine scriptures sent down to humanity as a clear light and a healing and a protector for those who follow it. It encourages strong community life and security .

It is said that G-d likes three and He dislikes three. He likes that we worship Him only and don't associate anything unto Him. That we be not divided among our families and the broader community of humanity. That we aid and assist one another to support a healthy community life. The things that He dislikes is irrelevant talk, unnecessary questioning and wasteful spending .

Let's thank and praise Almighty G-d for His divine books and mercy to all! Muslim American Logic


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