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  • Alfonso Saahir

The Threaded Universal  Rope 3:103

Get a grip and hold firm to the access of the thread of Allah’s knowledge that has to be extended to all of humanity. In its rooted wisdom are branches of sciences with bounties that are not closed to anyone. Stand and call to mind and be thankful for the gifts from the provisions of Allah’s spiritual and material possessions. Even those who have an innermost hatred for you can be united with you when they accept the love of Allah into their hearts. Allah can save you from the wildfires of your extreme unchecked passions.

Consider the Qur’an with its twenty eight consonants that are threaded together forming 86,430 words, which some scholars say make up the Qur’an’s, 114 Chapters. The logic and wisdom in these threaded words strike at the conscious of every human being regardless of their social, economic or political background. These threaded words gives humanity the possibility for a transcending freedom that brings with it a healing and a benefit for man’s abstract soul.

Peoples resentful and angry hearts who’s sensitivity has gone bad can be changed and be reunited when given a better expectation for life. When Allah raises our human sensitivities it produces human intelligence. The unity of them both will give us the best life and the best of what life has to offer.

If we don’t reconcile with the paralyzing anger of our past we will not have a plan nor a vision for the future. The blueprint that is in the Qur’an, provides guidance in its threaded words that can develop our minds and help us to live the best moral life and the best rational life. Allah’s woven thread is in everything in man’s world. Let us hold onto the rope.


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