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Return Home  2:144

The believers were instructed to turn their direction for prayer to the place where Al Islam began. It is the city of Mecca in Arabia. This location is where the religion originated. It is called our first home, it represents the good construction of human life. When we pray we turn our bodies from wherever we are towards it with our hearts, minds and souls for guidance, forgiveness and inspiration. This is where Prophet Mohammed started spreading the message for all people. Millions of people visit there from all countries ,nationalities and races. This represents the true picture of the role of mankind- working together and striving to be righteous while praising their Lord.

After the Messenger established the community in the city of Medina, he told the believers to no longer turn to Jerusalem but instead face was is called the Sacred Mosque where disbelief and unrighteousness is forbidden. Many of them were resistant to this change and did not want to do it. Many people were critical and doubtful. This was a test for the faithful. Once they understood the logic , they were very pleased with this decision.

Many of us became Muslims here in America. We have a rich history of establishing Islam in this country. We were told to change the way we practice our religion. Many of us resisted and did not fully accept the correct path. We have been blessed to get a clearer understanding of the religion. Don't look outside of yourselves for leadership and guidance. We now can read and understand the signs in Scripture (Holy Quran) for application in our lives. We are prepared to lead our families and communities with our way of life. Your home is where your heart lives. Come back home and make a difference.

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