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Having The Correct Perceptions  6:46

Inform me that if Allah deafens and blinds you and divorces intelligence from you, what G-d other than Allah can cause what He took away from you to reach you as you claim.

Man's hearing and sight have to be rooted in the universal reality of one G-d, one creation and one humanity to get the full understanding of what he's hearing and seeing. If man has the wrong perception about G-d, then his perception about creation and his fellow man will be corrupted.

For instance, if man has a wrong perception about G-d and he perceives that G-d is in his image as a Black or White man, he'll think that he's superior to those who don't look like him and he'll become an oppressor to those who don't look like him.

When man has the wrong perception of G-d, all he can tell you about the sun is how far away it is from the earth or how hot it is. But, he misses some of the message which the sun displays everyday, such as punctuality, and being generous to everyone and not discriminating.


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