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  • Steven A. Shakir

The Blessing of Hearing and Seeing 6:46

Do you have insight, or do you have knowledge? Inform Me! What would happen if Allah grasp your senses of the ears and eyes, making you deaf and blind? Then He put a seal upon your hearts, divorcing you of intelligence and not knowing anything. Who is a god other than Allah that can reach you?

The hearing and the seeing are the two biggest vehicles for bringing information to the heart and mind. If you lose the ability to hear and see not with your physical ears and eyes but with your heart and mind, your ability to manage your own life will be impaired.You will turn the authority of managing your life over to the circumstances in your environment and you will be considered three fifths of a man.

Your heart is like the seat of your desires and appetites, the mind was created to make intelligent decisions. So, your mind has to be in touch with the heart to be energized.Once your mind is energized, it wants to serve the need in the heart. As long as the mind makes intelligent decisions, it qualifies to be an authority over you.


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