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Take It To Heart 6:46

Did you know that if Allah took from you the power to be receptive and to comprehend and allowed an impression to be left on your heart that disengages it from your intellect, there is no one other than him who can restore it.

Many of us claim to want to live a better life yet we prevent ourselves from the very things that will allow it? In our minds, we are aware that saving money and cutting back can keep us from living pay check to pay check and that life insurance is an affordable way to break the cycle for our children. In our hearts, we claim that we are sick and tired of being broke and that we want them to have more wealth than we do. Apparently, regardless of what we think and feel, we've been unable to make this a reality.

If it is the intention of both our hearts and our minds to do a thing and we are still incapable, somewhere along the way, we have acquired an impression that has obstructed our perception. Though we may try to analyze it by attributing it to the aftermath of slavery, stress, some other disability or try to seek counseling and advice, who other than God can remove this impression and allow us to take things to heart?


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