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  • Beatrice A Muhammad

Disengaged Senses:  6-46

Inform me! Have you recognized that if Allah, who has power over your hearing, made your perception of hearing dead, stamped your eyes and sealed your heart to disengage the senses, who is the god other than Allah to bring it back to you? Consider how we explained and made clear to the rebellious ones who differed by denying our signs and evidence, still they turned away.

Allah has made plain in The Qur’an His divine knowledge which provides enlightenment and guidance to mankind. Many people chose to follow His instructions and guidance, while others follow their own selfish desires instead. They hear the word, but chose to follow the passions of their appetites. They lust for the vanities of the world while turning a deaf ear and blind eye to the guidance of Allah. For them, Allah has put a seal upon their hearts; whereby, they are unable to perceive, comprehend and understand His divine knowledge.

They have eyes to read and ears to hear, yet they are unable to see and hear the word of Allah with insight and intellect. Allah has turned away from them and has set a seal upon their hearts and no one can remove the seal and return their senses but Him.


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