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  • Terrence S. Furqan

A Sacred Place 5:97

Allah made the Ka’bah, the sacred sanctuary, because He has forbidden in it much of what is not forbidden outside of it. It is an affair establishing matters of the religious life for the people by pilgrimage to it and their worldly life by the security of its interior.

And all the sacred months: Dul-Qa’dah, Dul-Hijjah, Al-Muharram and Rajib, as an establishment for them by their security from fighting within the sacred months. And what is lead to the sanctuary from the sacrificial livestock, by what is around the neck, as an establishment for them by the security of their ownership from resistance to it.

The Ka’bah serves a symbol representing life that Allah created for all people. It is a place that is sacred, a place where fighting and animal appetites are checked. Isn’t that what most people want, a place for human life to flourish.

Obedience to Allah is what brings that sacredness in our lives. When we become those who hear and obey the guidance of Allah without any resistance or objection, then we become those whose life has entered into a sacred place.

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