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  • Patricia Nima-Mohammed

Pilgrimage, Come Unity to Community 5:97

Allah made the Kaaba as a place of standing for mankind and the Hajj as a ritual where religious principles are established. During the sacred months when one enters the sacred precincts of the Hajj, his life as well as his sacrificial animals are protected from resistance.

Allah has several methods that he uses to connect his human creatures to one another for their growth and development. For example, a baby is conceived and remains connected to its mother for a minimum of three trimesters. Another could be as the male and female are connected in marriage. In both examples, they are getting to know each other over time. So is the ritual of the Pilgrimage, it embodies the unity of mankind.

The phrase that “tribes are created not to despise each other but to get to know one another”, can be experienced in real time. During this time, in being the Muslim that Allah wants us to be and struggle toward the one common goal, we force ourselves to benefit from each other’s experiences. In so doing, the one common goal becomes that much of a reality.

Outside of the sacred precincts, this struggle to return to innocence and purity can also be realized. For example, conflict on every level can be resolved if we could just shake off the forces of power and greed. It would help if we struggle to look toward one common goal and blend our differences vs force our differences on one another. Again, Come to Community.

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