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Remove the Sacred and Forbidden Things in Yourselves  2:126

Prophet Abraham had an agreement with Allah to purify the city of Mecca and make it safe and secure for the believers. He removed the sacred and forbidden things in the area. He wanted the believers to be able to practice their religion there in peace and pleasure.

Abraham gave the people the beneficial fruits of the knowledge that Allah blessed him to receive from Him. That is to believe in the day of judgment and that G-d is most merciful. He allows us to enjoy this life but you will have to account for what you did and maybe punished for it.

Prophet Mohammed also wanted peace and security for the believers. He established the city of Medina. It provided a shared freedom space for them where they could practice their religion without being harassed. It was safe for all people regardless of their religion. Everyone was allowed to peacefully coexist and practice their way of life as long as it did not cause problems for the Muslims.

The city that I was raised in is now called a Muslim town because there are so many of them that reside and work in the area. It is safe and secure for them. This is because of the work that we did (Nation of Islam) in the sixties and seventies establishing Islam. Today, we are respected, influential, and contributing to the success of the community. We now enjoy a shared freedom space throughout that area. There is still much work to do.

The external and internal influences cause many problems. Many people don't get along because of differences of opinions, false information, and lack of knowledge. All of us must deal with the sacred and forbidden things within ourselves. Acknowledge our prejudices, biases, and shortcomings that we are aware of or that our loved ones have shared with us. Work hard to correct them. Learn and practice your religion the best you can. Pray for strength and understanding with a purified heart and mind.


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