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  • Malikah K. Alkebu-Lan

A Place of Place and Security 2:126

And Abraham said: My Lord fashion this region to be one of peace and security and bestow upon its occupants shrubs bearing fruits for those of them who are submissive and accept as true a day of accountability.

The prayer of Prophet Abraham, being a true servant of God, seemed to indicate that his desire for peace and security was for the Sacred House and the area outside of it and its occupants to be obedient and trustworthy people. I could also conclude that Prophet Muhammad was following the example of the Prophet Abraham in making the invocation for his city to be safe and blessed with receiving the fruits of their labor.

Therefore, those of us who say we serve God should pray that the neighborhoods we live in are safe and protected as well as the area outside of it. That area is the cities or towns, the states, the country, and the world as well. It also indicates that our prayer includes that the place has productive people that benefit from the fruits of their works.

The result being shown by its occupants working together for common interests such as having jobs from industry and business establishments, schools that educate its citizens with practical knowledge and provide training, freedom of worship, and a government that supports, and protects those occupants. These would be people that are responsible citizens and respect what’s important in life and most likely have a consciousness of this Creator and his obligations in the created world.


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