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  • Jibrīl Abdul-Hafīth

Let there be Light 25:45

Have you not seen and wondered about the significance of how your Guardian, Evolver, Sustainer stretched the shadow? If your Lord willed, He certainly could have made it stationary. Your Lord made the Sun a guide for finding the shadow; but if it were not for the Sun-rise you would not be able to discover the shadow!

Let there be light to expose the shadow monsters of racism, exploitation, and divisiveness that’s hidden on the other side of the object that’s facing the light. Many of us are not familiar with general science enough to know that the darkness of night is only a shadow.

Whoever turns away the remembrance of Allāh is assigned a devil as his intimate companion; that’s the shadow. The night or darkness is caused by the turning away of the earth, away from the Sun. It is the absence of sunlight. It is a shadow produced by the other side of the earth and the light now is shining on the other side of the ball. Stand up in the light, not in the shadows!


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