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Allah The Creator  45:4

Allah created all living creatures and scattered them including mankind. These are signs for a community of men and women who’ve come to know with conviction on account of their reasoning.

Allah has created man from a lowly state and he has created every creature that creeps and crawls upon the earth. Allah taught man the names of everything, which means that He taught man language based in nature which gave man a connection to nature and reality and combined with man’s ability to rationalize, made man superior over all the other creatures.

Originally Allah spoke man through nature and He only raised Prophets after the natural truth was distorted making it impossible for man to relate to nature and reality and to follow G-d’s guidance.

By looking at the signs in creation man comes to the reality that Allah alone is the Creator and that He alone should be served. If man forgets the Creator and begins to think that he’s the creator, man will lose his balance and become a wrongdoer.

Many people and nations have amassed knowledge, wealth and power, but because they can’t read the signs and they don’t follow Divine guidance, corruption has appeared in themselves, the air, the land, and the sea.


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