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Signs of Allah  41:53

Soon We will make them see with the eye, the distinguishing marks and the wonders and the proofs in the regions of the skies and the earth from the flowers, the plants, and the trees. Also, we will make them see in themselves until it becomes evident and manifest to them that it is the perfect, the proven revelation from Allah. Is it not proof for the sufficiency that your Lord is an informed Knower over all things?

For example, the bee travels out to get something for itself and its family from the plant, but it also contributes to the betterment of the life of the plant that it took something from. That is a great sign from Allah to help us to be a better and more productive people.

When a person goes to work on their job or business like the bee goes to work, he or she should not work just to make money. They should work to achieve excellence and provide a service, and leave something on the job or business to improve it.


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