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The Investigation of the Women  60:10

The Prophet and the believers investigated the women who came to them as refugees to recognize if the language they spoke was of unbelief, atheism, or that of the faithful believing women. If they submitted and were obedient and formed an alliance not based on hating their unbelieving husbands or loving Muslim men, they were allowed to reside and stay with the believers and they weren’t sent back to the infidels.

To establish a successful community, the Muslims joined together based on a pact, a commitment, and a bond to worship G’d only. By doing so, they were blessed because they renounced the ways of the atheists and resigned themselves to Allah.

Women of today, just like in the past, play an integral part in establishing the correct community life. If the women are on point in their roles as wife, mother, productive member of society, etc., then society in turn will benefit. It brings to mind the saying, “so goes the woman, so goes the society”.


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