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The Business Ascension 17:1

Glory be to Allah who causes his devoted servants to find their way, that they may advance from the present disposition in which they find security to an expanded position to be attained by way of navigation. Through this journey they become witnesses to Allah’s manifestations. Surely Allah is the All seer and hearer.

The first level of doing business is as a peddler; a person who goes from place to place selling small goods. Unfortunately, many of us remain at this level because we have limited ourselves to trade practices that exclude the progressive steps that lead to business expansion. We have found security in trade amongst family, friends and those willing to make a purchase for the sake of support vs. necessity.

As people who claim faith in G-d, we should not feel secure in being unestablished. We should feel obligated to navigate through our ignorance in order that we can experience Allah’s manifestations first hand and reap the rewards we were promised.


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