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  • Patricia Ni’ma-Mohammed

Recognizing the Winds of Emotions 45:5

Through degrees of light and darkness, Allah sends down sustenance from the heavens which gives life to a dead earth. He then prepares its nourishment for the obedient. In the orientation of the winds there are various signs and proofs for the community of man who comprehend the truth.

More often than not, the forces of nature which moves the emotional make-up in mankind needs controlling. When a gentle wind blows on a palm tree for example, it has the ability to bend and return to its original posture. Mankind would do well to adopt this sign from Allah, especially when tested with external winds. He should fight against any inner turmoil that might surface in order to maintain a balanced disposition.

The grateful servants know that Allah sends down rain for our growth and development. Therefore, the believer realizes he cannot frustrate Allah’s plan by allowing his emotions to become like an internal hurricane.


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