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Signs Everywhere 12:105

How many familiar signs and examples are given by the oneness of G-d from the earth, celestial bodies, experts, human experiences, and divine law that they witness, but still they do not reflect and disregard the true reality.

G-d’s signs are in everything we do and everywhere we go. These signs help us navigate through the heavens and the earth so that we can live a better and more wholesome life. Therefore, to be our best selves, we must reflect on these signs to learn what is beneficial and what should be avoided.

We, humans, have the ability to see the signs from our 5 common senses and use higher intellectual senses to make moral conscious choices.

However, instead of using the knowledge from the signs to help grow and improve, many show no interest and would rather stay in their comfort zone. They follow unhealthy desires that are an imbalance to their nature, and they do not question the effects that it would have on their heart and soul.


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