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Lessons in the Sky 12:105

How many are familiar with the uniqueness of Allah from the symbols, sciences, evidence, and warnings in the stars, the cosmos, and the earth but they don’t reflect and contemplate them?

Allah is unique in that He created the sky and earth from nothing. As humans, we easily recognize the cosmos and we look at the sky with the sun, moon, stars, and the earth. We should get knowledge and understanding from this system, but we miss the point.

Life in the city is quite busy for us. We are always rushing, to catch a train, bus, or an Uber to get to our jobs or destinations. We don’t have the peace to observe our surroundings when we rush. When we walk outside we don’t see the cold and distasteful site of our neighborhoods with its bars on windows and metal gates on doors of our businesses and homes.

Allah is showing us a lesson in the sky that we are to have this same peacefulness, orderliness, and beauty in our lives and ourselves.


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