• Nadiyah Uqdah

Hijab in Today’s Society 33:55

Allah’s messenger (PBUH) is embarrassed of having to dismiss you however Allah is not ashamed of correctness.

Prophet Muhammad was the leader of the Muslim community, and a sociable person. As a married man, he also had to be responsible for the sanctity and private lives of his family. When he invited the believers to his home, some would arrive early and others would question him excessively, losing all sense of time (wearing out their welcome).

G-d was Merciful in revealing this verse to Muhammad (PBUH). It teaches good manners and how to be decent to others.

In fact, by the will of G-d most peoples workplace has become a partition for those who cannot restrain themselves from most forms of harassment. It will put your job in jeopardy.

Abdul-Aziz/E. Nadiyah Uqdah


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