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Benefits of Remembrance 3:191

Remember Allah , He will remind you when you think of Him and you will appreciate Him more. He shows you signs when you reflect on His creation. You can do this at anytime and anyplace, regardless of where you are or your state of physical well being. You may be sitting, lying down, fatigued or unable to perform the prescribed ritual prayer movements. Most important is that you think and reflect on what He has already shown you on earth and in the sky.

Study the creation of man, your inner self. Observe nature and how it is designed and developed. Ponder the universe and wonder about other worlds, galaxies and other sciences. This will help you understand and appreciate the power of your Lord.

Great benefits come from thinking, thoughtfulness, mindfulness, remembrance and reflections. The purpose is to clean, organize and orientate your thoughts in accordance with the best of what Allah wants of us.

This will help you make better choices, condition you to appreciate your limited free will , and conform yourself to what he has willed for you.


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