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The Promised Land for The Soul 3:110 Ummah

You are the best group from mankind molded and brought into being for the benefit of humanity.

You’re charged with obeying every action that’s recognized by it’s excellence with intelligence or by the law. You prevent him who pretends not to know what the law or the intelligence denies, and you submit and trust in Allah.

The Afro-American has had his physical, mental freedoms restrained so, he was forced to give all of his energies to spirit. The Afro-American was shaped and formed by slavery and now he’s shaped by the entertainment media and even after he was freed, he’s still dependent upon the ex-slavemaster.

The Afro-American had to be remade and this process started when Elijah Muhammad came and put the Afro-American in a new language environment. An environment that cleaned him up morally and made him reject Western thinking and Christianity and taught him to learn to think independently and accept Afro-American leadership.

After Elijah Muhammad passed, his son, W.D. Muhammad became the leader and he brought in a new language of Qur’anic based logic and keys to understanding the Qur’an and Bible. So, before we could even read Arabic Imam Muhammad was giving us the understanding of the Qur’an. This new language and logic made us aware and interested in the Qur’an.

The ones who become the most knowledgeable of the Qur’an will be charged with educating those who don’t know

After Imam Muhammad passed in 2008 an organization called M.A.L.I [Muslim American Logic Institute] began teaching Qur’an Arabic, to take us into the ‘Spiritual Promised Land’ by teaching Arabic grammar, comprehension, and how to express what we see in the Arabic, based on our shared physical, spiritual experiences, needs, and problems.

The Qur’an gives us purpose and if we commit not to violate the principles in it, and stay moral, rational and focused to G-d’s cause, the Afro-American, after being the rejected community, can become a great benefit for all of humanity and become the best of all humanity that can be brought out and become a model for all communities.

Right now, Muslims are living in an imaginary community, which consists of a Masjid and maybe a weekend school. As soon as we step out of our homes and Masjids, we are in hell because we’re feeding off of the negative physical and language environment of America. The real ‘Promised land’ is community life. Allah will not accept that we only have faith. We must create an environment that not only satisfies the soul but, it must supply all of our physical needs.

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