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  • Alfonso Saahir

Fight Against The Oppressors 2:193

Do battle with them until there is no more willing disobedience to Allah’s religious law. But if they show restraint in persecuting you, then you should restrain, but no such restraint will be given to those who have no boundaries in their persistent persecution.

This fight is not against those who follow the Abrahamic Religions. Allah is the author of the law that guides our existence. Our weapon for this battlefield of distraction and oppression that seeks to take away our religious life is the use of continuous truth. It is to strike at all the illogical thinking of polytheists and wrong doers who want to oppress our G-d given moral life, our G-d given mental life, and our G-d given spiritual life.

When they restrain from their relentless unprovoked attack against ethical thinking, we are to restrain our attack on them with. But understand that we have not become friends to oppression, for oppression is worse than slaughter.

No one has the right to slander the character and inherent will in the human being that has been created free by G-d.


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