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Telling of the Names 2:31

Allah has explained by using specifications and characterizations as a method to give title to all of creation. This process with its intensity provided the science of distinguishing specific factors, which produce the data for the naming of all things.

The human being has a condition in him that Allah made for his intelligence, a condition made as well for his freedom of mind. It prompts him to reflect, revealing that mankind need a language.

The human being will let the coyote or wolf teach him. He will allow the plant life teach him as well. Because his mind is free, he will allow everything that move teach him. To it all, he will give it a name.

Man has speech and intelligence that Allah created for him. Because of this, Allah is moving mankind to the destiny of being master on earth.

It was commanded to the Angels, make clear and expound the names to them! Now, let me know that you know by presenting the details with clarity.

Verily it is not in your origination because I (Allah) did not cause you to know. Verily your duty is to tell the truth as a condition to the successor, the human creature, because of what he has received.


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