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  • Abdul-Lateef Sabir

A Book that Corrects, Confirms and Completes the Message 2:151

As we have dispatched among you a delegation of messengers from you who reads to you Our distinguishing marks and evidences, and cleanses and rectifies you, and advises you of the Qur’an and reasoning, and the administration of justice, and not just beautiful reciting, and teaches you that which you were unaware of.

In different places of the Qur’an it says the Qur’an is a correction, a continuation, a conformation and a completion of all previous scriptures. That being the case and the tremendous truth from G-d, it is an invitation to read scriptures other than the Qur’an.

It corrects other scriptures where they are wrong, continues where they left off, confirms the truth that all scriptures have and completes the line of revelation so that mankind will know that it has all that mankind needs and it need not be changed.


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