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A Voice In The Soul Of The African American Muslim

A Voice In The Soul Of The African American Muslim

By Imam Abdul Q. Aziz, A Voice in the Soul of the African-American Muslim is an authentic reflection using the language of Qur’an, Bible, Hadith and Imam W. D. Mohammed.  It is a monologue in the soul of the African-American Muslim; the voice in that soul is a reminder to itself of G-d’s Favor upon it. How G-d evolved morally intelligent life up out of the African American experience, and the responsibility that lies in the hands of that soul.  It is a close-up view of the character of that soul and the integral components necessary for its functionality and its progression.   Inkstand Publications, LLC (2012), English, Paperback: 301 pages.

About the author
Imam Abdul Q. Aziz has been a student of the Nobel Imam W. D. Mohammed since 1975 and associate in the American Society of Muslims, where he served as Resident Imam in the City of Fort Myers, Florida, and then relocated to Tampa, Florida area in 1987 where he continued to serve as Imam. He studied five years at the MALI Institute for Arabic Grammar and Quranic Literacy. He has worked in prison ministry, developed Radio and TV programs. He has worked extensively in the interfaith community, speaks at colleges, schools and community functions.
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