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Muslim American Logic Institute

              Virtual Qur'anic Arabic Academy


// EST. 1990





"When you learn to read the Qur'an for yourself, you can receive personal inspiration from the Creator of all the Worlds".

                                                                         Salim MuMin

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To Attend This Years Conference:

Join us for a weekend of interactive discussions.

Qur'anic perspectives for parents, grandparents, educators, counselors, child care providers and anyone looking to improve Islamic communication and relationships with children, teens and young adults.

This conference is based on the new M.A.L.I. book, "Parents as Guardian Evolvers".  Coming soon.

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Now Available!

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 New 2024 Publication

"Parents As Guardian Evolvers"

This years book by the M.A.L.I. students is  based on a year long Qur'anic Arabic study and evaluation on parenting principals and the American house hold. An excellent read for parents, care takers, school teachers and advisors looking for a better approach to fostering moral principals in children and teens.

Ongoing Classes 

// All year round
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Why Learn Qur'anic Arabic?


The study of Qur'anic Arabic stimulates the mind to make universal connections without the interruption of predetermined man-made influence. This authentic book is without the influence or input of man in its true Qur'anic Arabic Essence (not translations), and should be studied without predetermined influence.

In M.A.L.I. we call this the first reading.

Due to the progressive nature of the Qur'an it must be read by the individual in order that it can be applied within the specific environment and culture in which it is to be utilized.

Without this understanding the reader would be forced to inherit the meaning implied  by the translator which may or may not be applicable.


M.A.L.I.'s Unique Style of 
Teaching Makes Learning Easy....


There are many books and programs available that teach Qur'anic Arabic, however, due to complex teaching methods, incomplete curriculums, and the combining of conversational Arabic and culture into the Quranic Arabic study platform, much of its essence has been overlooked, forgotten or misused. These issues have caused misinterpretations of the Qur'an and have stagnated social and educational benefits that were once prized among students of the Qur'an and at one time, the entire world. M.A.L.I. uses the Quran as it's primary grammatical  study guide which eliminates the difficulty of trying to apply lessons from numerous grammar books to the Quran.


Thanks to the contributions of world renound teachers, Imam Warith Deen Muhammad and Imam Salim MuMin, creator of the  M.A.L.I. study method, everyday students are able to once again experience the gift of this one of a kind language.


Qur'anic Arabic VS Conversational Arabic


Many scholars speak of Arabic speaking people as diglossic in language, meaning that they recognize two spoken languages. One is their everyday spoken vernacular or colloquial dialect and the other is Modern Standard Arabic used in formal education and literature. Though often overlooked, a third and superior form of Arabic exists known as Qur'anic Arabic. 



The Qur’anic Arabic text is universal by nature and easily recognized by all Arabic speaking people. Another defining characteristic of this influential language is that it is primarily a written language and not traditionally spoken, therefore its wealth is focused within its grammatical structure. This makes it easy for anyone to learn regardless of his or her present dialect. It is a science within itself.  


No other scripture in any language even the translations that have been given of the Qur’an equal the Qur’anic Arabic text. The Qur’an was revealed in Qur’anic Arabic to appeal  the intellect of its reader.


"It is imperative that all people who study the Quran take the time to learn Quranic Arabic in order to gain correct understanding."    Salim Mumin




Diverse Student Community 


M.A.L.I. students are engineers, teachers, business owners, mothers, religious leaders, college students, anyone wanting to attain mastery in any field of study or focus. Classrooms include students of various ages, creating a unique social community model environment for learning.


This diverse arrangement promotes a unique array of perspectives and ideas. Many students simply join to gain a better understanding of the sciences or relegion, while others join to advance their careers or personal potential. 


The Best Teachers Were Once Students! Meet The Faculty.


The Muslim American Logic Institute is growing rapidly and acquiring new teachers each year. Our fine faculty members include:


Hakeem Love of Memphis, TN


Mustafaa Islam of Springfield, OH


Zayd Abdul-Karim of Washington, DC


Haneef Abdullah of Brooklyn, NY


Elus Abdul Salaam of Youngstown, OH


Salim MuMin of Detroit, MI


Jihad Saafir of Pasadena, CA


Ramadan 2024 Intense Qur'anic Arabic Study Series


Join us this coming Ramadan 2024 for our  annual Intense Ramadan Study Series.

This years studies will be presented by Imam Salim Mumin, Director of the Muslim American Logic Institute.

Be sure to sign up on our mailing list and to join our M.A.L.I. Face Book page (Muslim American Logic) in order to participate.


Thursday Night Study Sessions 7:00pm


Every Thursday at 7pm M.A.L.I. director, Imam Salim MuMin gives a presentation examining the Qur'anic Arabic and showing how the Quran explains and supports itself.


Join us every Thursday at: 7:00 pm EST.
Call in: 563-999-2090 access code 534 524# 


We will also be on the webinar for Arabic Grammatical studies:


Sign in using your name and email to join the webinar

We will not have the Thursday night courses during the month of Ramadan.

© 2014 M.A.L.I. Institute . Director Salim MuMin

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