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For their love and their contraction of habit of the Quraish, their protection during the transition period for the travelers: the time of the cold and a parting of the four seasons of the year, so let them submit to and obey the Lord of the Kaabah.  Who has provided t...

When the Qur’an is read aloud, give ear to it, cease and pay attention, so that you may be successful and saved. 

Only with Allah’s guidance can man achieve his full potential.  When we read the Qur’an in earnest, we are asking for and receiving Allah’s help to increase...

There were messengers who We related their  Communications to you before, and messengers We have not related their communications to you. Allah spoke directly to Moses.

Allah spoke to Moses without a mediator.  Although Pharaoh took Moses into his house, he educate...

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