Qur'anic Reflections Library

The M.A.L.I. study method results in a reflection and commentary including the grammatical analysis, Qur'anic contextual significance, research of hadith and the concordance and examination of each root word. 

The reflections library is an excellent research tool for Qur'anic speech writers,

Khutba's, presentations and general study. 

No two writings are the same though they may have been written on the same verse.

Verse Catalog

Our catalog is constantly updated with new verses. Check frequently for new writings. Click on a verse below

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September 19, 2020

(G-d) offers the reins of restraint, from the influences of the satan, to whomever He chooses. And whoever restrains himself with logic and wisdom is indeed given a righteous benefit. And none but those who are firmly grounded, and bridle their foolishness, will be com...

September 19, 2020

Say: To whom belongs what is in the celestial universe and the earth. Say: to G-d. He (G-d) has imposed on Himself forgiveness and has named Himself Mercy.  There is no question about the day He will call mankind from their graves. Those who were insincere and destroye...

And We said, Oh Adam, stand you and your mate erect in the paradise, with its shade trees and streams, and eat often, and as much as you want, from its delicious fruits; but do not come near this single tree, for then you will be guilty of unbelief and sin.

The picture...

The comparison of those who spend freely from their property or wealth in the way of G-d, is like a grain of corn, sprouting and growing seven ears of corn, with a hundred grains in every ear . . .

When we spend from our wealth the way G-d tells us to spend in the Quran...

Indeed, We understand you are looking for spiritual direction.  We will absolutely turn you in a direction (qiblah) that will satisfy your soul.  So turn your face in the direction of the sacred mosque . . .

The Kabah, or Bayt Allah (house of G-d) was est...

February 17, 2019

And Abraham said, My Lord, establish Mecca as a city of peace and gift its faithful occupants with the yield of its fruit trees, those who are sincere, submit and believe in the day of judgment. 

Abraham was G-d’s friend, servant and prophet, and Muhammad was G-d’s, ser...

January 28, 2019

Oh you who obey Allah and are truthful, when compliant and credible women leave their homes for Allah and arrive as refugees, get to know them and their intentions. And Allah knows best their submission and belief. When you become aware that they are sincere and submit...

October 18, 2018

Take from what is lawful to eat, and feed your grazing livestock from the vegetation provided by G-d. Surely therein are reminders for the companions of intelligence who refrain from shameful acts.

The word of G-d is food for our lives. G-d gives us scripture to guide u...

October 18, 2018

Our Destiny is Excellence

Those who call to mind and reflect on G-d in every circumstance, and strive with their intelligence to understand G-d’s creation, they will begin to comprehend the power of the Almighty G-d.

God has revealed to us His excellent attributes to ref...

October 16, 2018

Further, we dispatched to you a deputy, Prophet Muhammad, from among you, to teach you the worship of the one and only God (Allah).  And to convey to you, with knowledge and guidance, our revelation. And purify you of idolatry, make you righteous, and explain to you th...

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