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  • Terrence S. Furqan

The Male is not like the Female 3:36

When a woman of Imran gave birth to her child, she said: "O my Lord! Surely! I gave birth to a female child!". And Allah is the One who have the most knowledge of what she delivered in birth and the male is not like the female. The male and the female are different in their physical bodies and in their natural role in society. And these differences are mates to one another. The male, his body is normally physically stronger than the female and because of this, he was more capable to search for food, shelter and provide security for his family. And this provided a learning experience for him to acquire and preserve knowledge. The female is normally more loving and caring. Her body have traits that some see as a weakness, pregnancy and her monthly menstrual cycle. When compared to someone who goes out and hunt for food, build shelters and fight for security, it may be a hindrance. But this is the reason the male goes out, to protect what is precious and valuable, the female, the one that is used to bring life into the world to cherish and raise. The male and the female are mates to each other. They are halves and a half cannot reproduce, they come together as one to reproduce and start a family. Everything is created in pairs, in balance, including the social life. The society needs both types of leadership that evolves from the male and the female for balance. If the society only have male dominance influencing the growth of society, then the female qualities that is needed for a balance society will be lost and the society will become insensitive to its total social needs.


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